Tuesday, 4 December 2012

littletree loves...a cold frosty walk

 A slightly different littletree loves today...a lovely montage of photos I took whilst on a walk last week when we had some beautiful frosty mornings. How gorgeous is the blue of that sky against the fading yellow leaves? And I love the thick frosted edges of the leaves hidden in the shade...especially when walking through them and they make a satisfying crunch underfoot.

all pictures taken by me

You might just be able to make out my big orange bobble hat in my very large shadow...it has not left my head since! Ooh and of course a childhood favourite...cracking the layers of ice that have formed over puddles, shattering the pieces of natures glass...and the best part? Coming home for a steaming cup of tea and an early mince pie. Perfect. x

PS - Did you spot the dog with a very cold nose?



  1. Lovely pictures and words, Rebecca ... my favourite kind of winter weather ... bright frosty days ... lovely ... Bee xx

  2. Lovely pics, the frost just makes everything so beautiful, Jxx

  3. Greta pics, I do love a frosty day..but only if the sun is shining! Hope you're felling a little better now x


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