Tuesday, 1 November 2011

littletree loves...Design Seeds

A warm welcome to November! Winter is well and truly on it's way, all the leaves and berries on the trees have turned fantastic colours that are a welcome distraction from the greying skies. So for those of you in need of a little colour injection I prescribe a daily dose of Design Seeds...some of you may already know of this wonderful site but if you don't then you are in for a treat! Jessica who curates Designs Seeds has been colour mad for most of her life and has been collecting and creating inspirational pictures and colour palettes in journals for years, now she shares them on her blog daily for everyone to enjoy! I love to use her site when I'm in need of some colour inspiration for a new design as you can search colour palettes based on seasons, flora/fauna/travel etc and standard colour ranges. So in honour of natures colour changes I thought I would share a few of my favourite autumnal colour palettes from Design Seeds vast archives...enjoy!x


  1. The last one is my favourite (love the photo) - which incidently is the one with the least colour. That probably says a lot about me ;-) Have a lovely evening & thanks for your comment. xo

  2. Design seeds is great isn't it. No words needed when the colours say it all!

  3. Wow! How gorgeous! This one was new to me. Thank you for sharing


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