Friday, 29 July 2011


Happy Friday to all! With all these grey days here in the uk I went in search of some bright inspirational prints this morning and came across the store Farouche on Etsy. I immediately fell in love with the 'Bright Sunshiny Day' print as it added some much needed sunshine into this grey day, but any of the lovely prints would brighten a dull wall! Plus don't you just love the way these images have been styled? Such cute little vintage knick-knacks! They also have a lovely blog with free printable goodies so check them out! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

littletree visits...Helen Rollason Vintage Fayre

top two images from the Helen Rollason site
image from A2 Jive
cute little glass and metal jar
lovely old metal sign letters
from a local handmade stall, for my friend as a housewarming gift
my mum bought this amazing orange kaftan!

Well I did promise some pictures of the bits and pieces I had acquired over the weekend so here they are! On Sunday my mum and I went to a local Vintage fair in aid of the charity Helen Rollason, the fair boasted many vintage and homemade stalls so we picked up a few lovely things...(I was very good...hardly spent anything! Most unusual!)
I love the old metal letters which I have sitting on my window, I've wanted some for ages and these are just the right size and were only £5 for the two! The handmade stalls were also really good and the little teapot trinket I bought for a friend was just one of the many lovely things I wanted to buy! (I'm annoyed at myself as the lady on this particular stall was so nice and I never got anything with her business details on!)
Plus of course there was an old fashion tea shop with lots of pretty china...and cake...lots of cake! And just as we had ordered and sat down outside the sun came out! How often do we get that kind of luck in the uk?

Tigerprint Male Pattern Competition...

I recently entered the Tigerprint competition for Male Pattern, although I was unsuccessful I still really enjoyed coming up with some more 'masculine' pattern ideas. I had based my research for the patterns on my dad and his love of music. I kind of worked my way through the ages of music media, from records to cassette to ipod! I think the cassette design with the unravelled tape is my favourite...that was always frustrating when your brand new tape had been chewed up and you had to carefully wind it all back in, digital files are so much tidier!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

new birthday cards (+1)...

Another design to add to the two I posted yesterday. Well I thought not everyone is a cake and presents person, some prefer a cocktail or two, I know I do! But then I do love cake...and presents...good thing it's my birthday this weekend!

Monday, 25 July 2011

new birthday cards...

Happy new week to everyone! I have started this week with a goal of working though the many doodles and design sketches I have stashed away in various notepads and developing some into actual designs! These are the ones I have done today, do you like them? I am pleased because sometimes I like the little sketches much more than the finished piece, something about the quality of a little doodle adds to the cuteness, I don't know...
Anyway hope you all have a lovely week and please check back again as I'm hoping to get a few more designs done soon! Plus a few pictures of some lovely things I've acquired over the weekend...goodies galore!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Etsy...bee things

Now I can't for the life of my remember where I discovered bee things, but I was having a wander around my bookmarks and discovered it right at the bottom of one enormous list (really must organise better!) Their website and accompanying blog are both lovely to have a browse around, but their Etsy shop is just full of wonderful quirky limited edition prints, as well as paper printed lunch bags (if I was at school now I would love to have had my lunch in these!) and a range of beautiful iPhone wallpapers. I am rather in love with the 'pygmy cactus owl, night' print (second from top) with his worried little expression he is so cute! I urge you to pop by and not be tempted!

Monday, 18 July 2011

helping a friend...

So last week and part of the weekend I have been helping one of my good friends move apartments, it is amazing how much stuff can accumulate in one small space! So there was lots of to-ing and fro-ing, a little heavy lifting and plenty of tea! By yesterday afternoon the new place was starting to take shape, my friend had decided to inject a little red into her living room colour palette and before moving had bought some lovely items from Next home. Whilst browsing the website this morning I found a few other gems, I particularly love the 'tea for two...' print and the quirky trio of vases.

My friend had bought a couple of the poppy print cushions, which are lovely and although you can't quite see in the photo they have an embroidered and beaded centre, plus the back is a lovely grey linen fabric for a bit of a contrast. Some other bits she had purchased (but I couldn't find on the web) were some lovely chunky red mugs in a plain and hand painted stripe, and a trio of vases (different to the ones I found.) So by the end of the day it was all coming together and looking very homey!

Monday, 11 July 2011

littletree (re)discovers...Uncommonly Beautiful

Back in September I went to Tent London, which is a showcase for up and coming or unusual design talent, it was located just off of Spitalfields market, so afterwards we had to make a quick stop to browse the many lovely stalls. I bought this necklace from one and have worn it over and over, but I couldn't remember the name of the stall! Then having a little clearout the other day I found the business card! I was so happy I popped straight over to the Uncommonly Beautiful website to see what was new and I just had to share it with you! All of the accessories are made from recycled bits of unloved jewellery, beads, buttons and these lovely wood blocks with patterns printed on. Here are a few of the new designs I am currently craving from their online shop... particularly loving the printed woven leather necklace and laser cut wooden brooch. What's your favourite?

Thursday, 7 July 2011

littletree loves...Hope and Greenwood

I was in London on Monday to see Shrek the musical at the Theatre Royal and what did I spy just across the street? A Hope and Greenwood store! As they say on their packaging they are 'purveyors of splendid confectionery' which I love, so I popped in to stock up on goodies before the show. The picture at the top is the now empty bag that was at one point full of flying saucers, my absolute fave! I didn't have my camera with me unfortunately because the interior of the store was so super cute, but luckily I managed to find a few images of a store over on the Hope and Greenwood blog. In my own mind I always think of them being my own personal sweet shop as I am a Greenwood after all, but weirder still is we used to have a dog called Hope! Spooky huh? If your in London I urge you to visit one and if you don't leave with a bag of yummy treats you have more self control than me!

littletree discovers...pyrex dish and ercol style chairs

Another couple of bargains I have picked up in the last few weeks, the little pyrex dish was a carboot find only yesterday for a whole 50p so I just had to have it! I love the pattern and unusual colours, plus it's the perfect size for snacks, all I need now is some peanut m&m's...


Now for the bargain of the century! I was scouting my local charity shops a few weeks ago and just sitting in the doorway of one I spied this lovely ercol style chair, on closer inspection of the price label I saw it was just £7 for a pair! Looking around I saw the other chair and although they were in need of a little tlc I just had to have them! Ercol has really come back in fashion here in the uk and I would love some of the new designs if I had the for the time being these similar style chairs are just the ticket to curb my ercol cravings! It took a fair few days and a lot of sandpaper but they have really come up a treat and there was just a little space in my room for one chair to fit so I can admire it everyday!
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