Wednesday, 30 November 2011

christmas card delivery!

How excited was I when these arrived on my doorstep yesterday?! The answer....Very!!! I ordered these from Moo a little over a week ago after I decided it would be easier and indeed cheaper to have them professionally printed rather than me sitting for hours on end watching my printer print 200 cards! This is why all the designs have white backgrounds, would have been easier on the printer ink! There are only 2 designs I'm not as happy with and that's because they were originally designed to be square so I had to jig the design around a bit to fit the specific size...I'm hoping Moo will offer square cards soon because otherwise I'm really pleased with the overall quality and service! They are designed to be paired together as shown below, apart from one which is completely different! What do you think? Would you be pleased to receive one of these cards? x

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

and the winner is...

Fiona Anderson of the lovely blog just paint it white! Well done Fiona, I've sent you an e-mail and left a comment on your blog, hope to hear from you soon and I can post your advent calendar to you! A big thanks to everyone else who entered...x

littletree's wishlist...cookery books

1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/
Hello you may remember a few weeks ago I started a wishlist of lovely books that I have been hoping to get for Christmas (well not all, maybe a few!) and I also mentioned I had a list of cookery books here they are! The Flavour Thesaurus is a really intriguing book, the idea is that you look up an ingredient and it will give you the best flavour and ingredient combinations to compliment the original. Great idea for when your bored with your old stand by recipes! 

I am an avid viewer of all things cookery on tv so there are plenty of tv cookbooks, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's Veg everyday series has been amazing to watch. I used to be vegetarian and still only eat a limited range of meat/fish and more often still eat just veggie, so it's amazing to get some new ideas especially from a chef that's well know for being a bit meat mad!  I've added a few favourite recipes from the series below for a sneaky peek!

Raw Chocolate Ganache Tart

Saffron Speltotto with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes
Baby Beetroot Tart Tatin

Yum! Any recipe books on your Christmas list this year?x

Monday, 28 November 2011

littletree visits...the christmas made-it market

A happy Monday to everyone, hope you had a lovely weekend enjoying the sunshine? I had a fab time visiting the Christmas Made-It Market on Saturday in Cambridge and I have a truly bumper post of amazing pics from the event to share with you today! The market was double the size of the one in August and it was lovely to see so many talented designers/makers/bakers etc all under one roof, it was inspiration overload! Now I did buy a few things but I can't share them with you as they are presents and certain people might friends that came with me also bought a few prezzies but we all said that there were so many beautiful products on display it was hard to decide what to buy! Anyway here come the mountain of pictures (maybe a cuppa and a biscuit is required for sustenance to get through this post!) so sit back and enjoy and please visit the shops/blogs/websites (links below) and support these wonderful talented people this Christmas! PS- Don't forget to enter my Giveaway! x

  I met the lovely Anna from The Patchwork Peacock who I saw at the last event and know through facebook...she had a beautiful stall and I totally fell in love with the peace/love cushions!

I remember Pennybee's stall from the August event and it was looking even more packed 
with goodies this time around!

Nic Farrell and Lauren Rowden were sharing a stall and it was so hard not to want everything on it! 
Nic had some fab cards with cute sayings and Lauren's jewellery was so stunning...

These badges made by Creative Solutions were so different and none were the same! 
They also had some super cute dachshund draught excluders made from vintage fabrics too!

Make It Sew had fab stuff, all made from recycled and thrifted objects which I just love...
Floppy Disk notepads, tape measure corsages and rings made from pretty vintage cutlery!
Tess Ainley had beautiful jewellery and gifts made from reclaimed slate and driftwood, 
how cute is the driftwood mini christmas tree?!

All pictures taken by me, for links to any of the sellers and more I have listed them below, 
not all have websites, I have linked where I can...x

1/ Tess Ainley (e-mail:  2/ Little Button Nose 3/ Make It Sew 
Creative Solutions

The lovely (and local) Hannah Elgie of Make Do and Mend had lots of fabulous Workshops going on throughout the day including many traditional and new crafts, she also has more at her shop in Chelmsford so do stop by her website if your local and want to get crafty! I definitely need crochet lessons, although I do a very nice straight line, but that would make for a very skinny scarf!


For more info on up and coming Made-it Market events please visit the website and for those that are local to Chelmsford there is also a Vintage and Handmade Market on Dec 10th at the Shire Hall! I love all the fairs and markets this time of year! Hope you have all enjoyed my Mega Made-it Market post today... anything catch your eye?x

Sunday, 27 November 2011


This is a big day for me and for one of you! You may remember a few weeks ago I did a post about the Magnetic Advent Calendar I designed? Well today I am giving one away in my first ever GIVEAWAY! Again I apologise for the picture, my camera doesn't seem to like this weird winter light! I would have done this a little earlier but the magnetic paper I used has been out of stock so it only came Friday!

There is only a few days until December so only a short window of time to enter....all you have to do is follow my blog, it's as simple as that! And if you are already a follower don't fear I'm going to include my current followers too! Well apart from family, they get enough freebies!

So just follow my blog for a chance to win! You have until 8am (GMT) Tuesday 29th November and I'm going to pick a winner first thing! Unfortunately I'm only including UK addresses at this time due to postage time but I will post Tuesday afternoon so it should reach you for the 1st December...

Good luck everyone! x

Friday, 25 November 2011

Etsy Christmas...Foodie Treats

Welcome to the final day of our Etsy Christmas round up! I'm actually a little sad as I had so much fun putting these together and discovering so many new and exciting shops/ for our last day I am treating us all to something sweet! I am breaking the rules with this one as I think only one shop is here in the uk, I just found it so hard to find shops selling sweets/biscuits etc that I had to cross the pond to share with you some truly yummy stuff! Even if you don't order anything there is plenty of inspiration for your own baking experiments this holiday season...I rather like the Candy Cane Marshmallows from Nicole's Treats, I bet these would be fab melted into hot front of a roaring fire...with a good book...sorry, got carried away there!

Hope you have enjoyed this week, what has been your favourite day? Did you find any new shops to explore and buy from? Either way have a great weekend, I'm off to the Christmas Made-It Market in Cambridge on Saturday so should have some pictures and goodies to share with you next week! See you soon...x

Sweet Treats Bakery

City Girl Chocolates

Butter Blossoms

The Caramel Jar

Nicole's Treats

Sweet Lollipop Shop

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Etsy Christmas...Bunting

Day four of our Etsy Christmas celebration, today is all about bunting! Now I know bunting isn't a traditional christmas thing but it has become so popular over the last few years and there are just so many lovely designs out there I just had to include it! I've got a lovely selection of all different bunting/garlands from the more traditional fabric and felt to crochet and even glass...I rather like the Gocco printed bunting by printedwonders, it has a cute retro vibe to it with traditional illustations. What's your view on bunting as christmas decorations? Any favourites? x

Kitty Kent
Kate Sproston Designs
Parchment and Purl

red brick glass
Rustic Vintage Country

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Etsy Christmas...Wrapping

Day three of our Etsy marathon and today is all about the wrapping! Wrapping paper has become a huge extra creative output for us crafty people the last few years, it's practically become a craft in it's own right! Ribbons, printed tapes, bells and corsages anything goes in creating the perfect present. So today I have a selection of beautiful homemade papers and gift tags to make your wrapping this year even more special! I am a little in love with Crafty Pagan's luxury gift tags with their aged vintage look and gorgeous ribbon ties...Hunt Find Keep's wrapping is a real contrast in comparison, with it's modern star shapes and colour palette. Oh and I love Mint Print's christmas tree wrapping on its brown paper background...Can you tell I just love wrapping?!x

Sophie Victoria Joy

Emily Hogarth

Mint Print

Crafty Pagan Designs

Hint Find Keep

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Etsy Christmas...Decorations

Day two of our Etsy Christmas extravaganza! Today I've put together another five amazing shops with beautiful baubles galore! This was a really hard choice to whittle down to just a few shops, I had so many that I liked! In the end I went for one with each different type of material, so fabric, paper, wool, wire and ceramic. I particularly love the snowflake paper balls by Sarah Louise Matthews, just so stunning and intricate, I have no idea how she makes them! Do you have any faves?x

Nina's Apartment

Sarah Louise Matthews

Baban Cat

Beth Parry

Mels Turkish Delights
You know what? I love them all! One of each please...x

Monday, 21 November 2011

Etsy Christmas...Cards

Welcome to another week! Did you all have nice weekends? With Christmas just around the corner I thought I would have a special week of posts dedicated to all things christmassy and also celebrate some of the new and top talents Etsy has to offer here in the uk! In a little twist I'm not going to be posting about gift ideas but all about the preparation and the spirit of the season. I have put together a selection of cards, giftwrap, decorations and foodie ideas for all tastes, hopefully there will be a little something for everyone to enjoy!

So today to get things started I'm doing a round up of Christmas Card Packs. I've found five designers that are new to me and I love all of their individual take on cards and christmas in general! I really like the 'have a cosy christmas' cards from Snowdon, the jumper and hat are too cute! There is a variety of styles and print methods here so there is something for everyone.  Enjoy having a browse and don't forget to pop back again for more homemade, handmade goodies this week. x 

Finest Imaginary

RosieRosy Prints & Things

Charlotte Cooke Illustration



Ps - My sister's Zumba party for Children in Need went really well on Friday, if you want to see a load of people dressed up and having a laugh then click here for pics and even a video...oh dear...x
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