Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Ooh it's been a while!

So...yeah I've been super busy! Which I suppose is no bad thing. Plus the weather has been so lovely who hasn't been out and about enjoying it! 

So one of the few things I have been doing is helping my sister re-brand her business (she is a Personal Trainer...) and build a new website, it's handy having a sister with a creative background, but I suppose I get free fitness classes in return. She has also decided to start her own blog too so of course I have been advising her on all things blog-land! Seems like a million years ago that I started out...anyway here is a little sneak peak of the website.

Greenwood Fitness Website // designed by Littletree Designs

Something else that has happened is I have signed up to work with the company Gibson Holt! I saw the call for submissions (below) on their blog and sent off a few collections I had ready and thought they might like...and they e-mailed back saying they did! 

Needless to say I was a little shocked! After so many submissions and competition entries over the years with no luck...a random, just for the hell of it, submission was the winner!

from gibsonholt blog

And finally...here is a shot of the latest table that I have worked on with Rachel of Vintage Actually. She took it to the Vintage Home show in Manchester over the weekend and sold it! We both agreed that the colours and combination of the wood worked really well. I hope whoever bought it is happy!

Photo by Rachel / Vintage Actually

So that's whats been happening in my world the past few weeks! What have you all been up to?

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