Thursday, 7 July 2011

littletree loves...Hope and Greenwood

I was in London on Monday to see Shrek the musical at the Theatre Royal and what did I spy just across the street? A Hope and Greenwood store! As they say on their packaging they are 'purveyors of splendid confectionery' which I love, so I popped in to stock up on goodies before the show. The picture at the top is the now empty bag that was at one point full of flying saucers, my absolute fave! I didn't have my camera with me unfortunately because the interior of the store was so super cute, but luckily I managed to find a few images of a store over on the Hope and Greenwood blog. In my own mind I always think of them being my own personal sweet shop as I am a Greenwood after all, but weirder still is we used to have a dog called Hope! Spooky huh? If your in London I urge you to visit one and if you don't leave with a bag of yummy treats you have more self control than me!

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