Monday, 3 December 2012

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Hellooo December! Wow...can you believe it is here already? Well I can because my friend Sara starts the countdown to Christmas in September...yup she loves it and I guarantee the tree went up in her house this weekend! I will admit I am not the biggest Christmas fan, I just find the global takeover a bit adverts, christmas songs on the radio and at work, not to mention the shopping madness that seems to overtake normally same people!

But this year in the spirit of enjoying the 'little things' I have listed four of my favourite things that make Christmas special to me...

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As you all of course know I love to bake and Christmas is the best excuse for doing more than normal! This year I have planned to invent my own twist on Mince Pies by making a mincemeat without any currants/raisins/sultanas, because my Mum hates them! I'm thinking dates, cranberries, sour cherries...sounding good?

The best thing about decorating the house for Christmas is that trip into the loft, getting down the tree and all the old tins and boxes with years of collected ornaments (and memories!) all to be discovered again...

I LOVE wrapping!! It appeals to my love of pattern (obviously) but also my insane neatness, getting every corner sharp and folded there is all the extras! Twine, bows, ribbons...that really satisfying feeling from curling the ribbon into the perfect springy coil...or is that just me?

*Friends & Family*
The excuse to spend more evenings out with friends having meals and drinks, making the rounds to drop off presents and cards...just making that extra effort to spend time with the people that are important to you.


And no I didn't forget! Here are this months Top 5 Blog's...enjoy!x


  1. I don't like the commercial aspect of Christmas either, and feel like a bit of a Scrooge sometimes. I love choosing gifts but I find that these days everything is so over the top. I think the amount of money that gets spend is ridiculous. I prefer doing extra special things for birthdays and just getting smaller Xmas gifts. See, told you I was a bit of a Scrooge :-)

  2. LOVE that I'm on your Top 5 Blogs list lady! My heart did a wee jump, it's always nice to see other bloggers like what you do.

    Also, aside from the glorious Igor, the otehr three are newbies for me. Off to have a poke around them.

    1. My pleasure Naomi! I think its good to share the blog love!x


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