Friday, 25 May 2012

pinterest pick of the week...

by Sian Elin

Hi here again so soon?! Another week has passed and the end of Module 1 of my e-course with it! As I am busier, and indeed plan to be getting even more so in the coming weeks, for 'pinterest pick of the week' I am just going to share with you my favourite pin of the week instead of a whole board...hope that's ok? :)

This week it is this fab illustration by Sian Elin from my board Words and more...have a lovely weekend blog friends. xxx


  1. As a stay at home mum (ugh, I hate that phrase) I often have to choose between 'time to create' or 'time for a cup of tea/glass of wine'. Guess which one wins more often ;-) Lovely find by the way! x

  2. A very inspiring pin, thanks for sharing! One pin is better than none, and we can always go and check out your lovely boards for ourselves. Hope your first module has gone well, have a great weekend. Rachel x

  3. Great illustration and a great board too. Have a lovely weekend. xx


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