Wednesday, 28 November 2012

littletree designs...xmas wrap and tags

image and design copyright Littletree Designs

Hello again friends, today I am sharing some pics of the wrap I have designed for my presents this year...I am lucky as we have an A3 printer at home so I can print relatively large sheets. The design was originally on a white background but I thought I would try it on brown paper to see how the colours came out and being a brown paper fan I loved the results! Unfortunately I didn't have any brown card for the tags but the contrast is quite nice. I was wondering about maybe offering the patterns for sale on Etsy for you to print at home...what do you think?x



  1. Ooh it looks great, well done! I love it on the brown paper. Must be great to have such a big printer at home. I don't have a home printer at all at the moment - keep thinking I must look to get one. x

  2. Looks fab, what a great idea! Love a bit of brown paper as well, but I've never tried printing on it. Might give it a whirl! x

  3. Love printing on brown paper....looks fab!

  4. This is rather beautiful.

    I've gone mono with my wrapping this year; starting to regret it looking at your lovely brightly coloured paper!

  5. What beautiful wrapping paper!


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