Monday, 29 July 2013

a huge apology and some stuff about cake...

from my board Words and more... // cannot find source so let me know if you do! I am again apologising for being such a poor blogger recently. The reasons I haven't been around are being the gorgeous weather here at the moment, in fact it's been too hot even for a cold morsel like me! Two, work...boring...and three we have decided to start tackling the two most challenging rooms in the house to decorate at once, the kitchen and the hallway. So we've been pretty busy!'s my birthday this week. Now I'm not a huge birthday celebrator but this year I'm off to Jamies Italian in Cambridge which I am super excited about! If you're a foodie then hop on over to have a good drool at the menu...but a birthday does mean cake! And that is something I can definitely get excited about...but the question is what cake? Chocolate, lemon, fruity...ooh decisions decisions...I'm off to browse the books and of course the neverending source of web inspiration that is Pinterest!

I hope you all have a lovely week and I promise to be back with pictures of the cake and of course the meal!x


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