Monday, 12 November 2012

littletree loves...sarah moore vintage

1// Image from GoodHomes magazine  2// Image from Sarah Moore Vintage

Hello again everyone, hope you had good weekends? I though I would share this gorgeous lampshade tree with you today, even though I found it in the Good Homes mag weeks ago and have been desperate to show you I thought it was too early...but now it's the second week of November we are all well and truly into the whole christmas vibe so it's kind of is designed and made by Sarah Moore who is queen of upcycled vintage in my book and this christmas tree made from old lampshades is just wonderful!

The shades stacked up on top of one another make just the right tree shape and it comes decorated with vintage baubles galore too...I love the way it has been styled in the magazine (which if you haven't got it yet then hurry on down to the shops now!) with extra pom pom trim and sat next to that super pink velvet chair!

Plus I thought it could be something that you can make yourself, over the year collecting old lampshades and decorating them gradually...what do your think? Are you as smitten as I am!?



  1. very pretty!


    a lovely mixed bag.

  2. I love this too Rebecca ... was drooling over it in Good Homes last week ... Bee xx

  3. Yikes that is fantastic!! Such a clever idea, I love it. x


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