Tuesday, 28 January 2014

littletree loves...BRÅKIG Collection at Ikea

All pictures in this post were taken from the Ikea Image Library

I know a million and one bloggers have posted about the new Ikea limited edition BRÅKIG collection being released this week (1st Feb!) but I had to share a few of my favourites and the excitement that in only 10 days I will be off to my local branch to drool over said products in person! And then stand there for a few hours deciding just how much I can afford to bring home...

...it's going to be hard to resist these cups and saucers but pretty storage is always handy and great for hiding paperwork...well that's what I'll be telling myself anyway! Have a good week friends x



  1. I saw it on Sunday at our local branch and stood drooling looking at it - Love it and will be going back with some pocket money - great post : ) x

  2. Yip! I hear you and I'll be doing the same thing! Too many lovely things and not enough money.... But don't you wish that it wasn't limited edition? To me, this is what Ikea should be selling all the time. x

    1. I completely agree Jen. Let's hope if that if we buy enough they may make it more permanent!


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