Wednesday, 3 July 2013

littletree makes...scrap fabric bunting

all photos in this post taken by me

A super simple, easy peasy make for you today friends...but first I have to thank my Nan for being a fabric hoarder, otherwise I wouldn't have all these wonderful retro fabrics at my disposal!

This make really is so easy it barely requires instructions but I have added a little step by step of how I did this below anyway... I also thought if you didn't have fabric you could use doilies which would look just as pretty or patterned papers. 

You will need...

Lot's of fabric scraps cut into whatever bunting shape you choose.
Bias Binding or Ribbon.
Needle and Thread.

Arrange the bunting in an order that is pleasing to you, take into consideration how the colours and patterns mix.  

Layout the bias binding/ribbon on the floor and place your bunting down in the order you have chosen.

Fold over the binding/ribbon sandwiching the bunting in the middle, pin the shapes in place.

Using a basic running stitch start at one end and get sewing! I did this one evening in front of the tv...
And that's it! Simple...


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