Wednesday, 24 April 2013

littletree makes...pretty paper flowers

This is my first make for my new home! Do you like them? I came up with the idea because I had all this beautiful paper from the Homemaker Magazine supplements and we had just bought 10m of garden was possibly a bit for the project in mind so I figured my mum wouldn't miss a few feet. Do you like my tile vase? I got it in Lisbon at this AMAZING interiors store called Area (along with a few other things...) I could have bought the whole store. Anyway enough's the how-to for the flowers. Let me know if you give them a go! x

First cut a variety of squares from pretty paper that range between 4-7cms.

1// Fold the square of paper in half diagonally.

2// Half again.   3// And again...

4// Cut a rough petal shape.   5// Unfold to reveal your flower.

6// Once you have your flowers play around with what colour and patterns work well together and then pick a button for the center. Just remember that you need your wire to fit through the button holes.

7// Layer up your flowers and button then using a large needle punch guide holes through the button and paper.

8// Thread your wire through the back of the flower, through the button and then fold over through the other button hole. (This is a bit tricky depending on the thickness of the wire.)

9// Poke wire through to the back and wrap around the longer length of wire to secure.

Arrange in your chosen vase/jug/jar and admire!

All photos and images copyright Littletree Designs


  1. These are so pretty, what a great idea. Thanks for sharing instructions too. xx

  2. love them, will have a go at theese for my friends birthday . xx thanks for the idea .

  3. Yay they're lovely - great vase too! x

  4. great ideas, they look perfect. x

  5. Ooh thanks for all the nice comments! Let me know how they turn out larryjaybee!x


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