Thursday, 25 April 2013


Cat Print by Mark B

How cute is this little cat print? I came across it on Pinterest the other night and immediately had to learn more...the print is from Etsy shop wintersmoke and designed by Mark B who has a whole menagerie of animal prints for sale! Each print comes with the option of 7 different coloured backgrounds so you can pick the colour that best suits your space, such a simple and clever idea. Apart from the Cat print above (which is definitely my favourite!) here are a few of my other picks from the wintersmoke shop...x

Fox Print by Mark B
Raccoon Print by Mark B
Tan Pug Print by Mark B

All images copyright Mark B from the wintersmoke Etsy shop



  1. oh love these, must go look. x

  2. Ooh yes, I love these! I came across this yummy shop on Pinterest too, soooo lovely :-)


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