Thursday, 31 January 2013

Retro Alphabet...

Retro Alphabet Boy Copyright Littletree Designs

Retro Alphabet Girl Copyright Littletree Designs

So if you remember last week I posted about a pattern that had been inspired by something I pinned? (pin to pattern) Well these are the finished, fully coloured designs complete with a rather funky little co-ordinate. I did the boys colourway first, not necessarily planning it to be for boys but it ended up that way, so then I thought I had to do a girl I'm not a 'pink' sort of person so this is more peachy/pink so it isn't too sickly sweet. The only thing I'm worried about is whether the dark purple stands out to much?

Copyright Littletree Designs

As well as a pattern I thought the original drawing and layout work well for a print...What do you think friends? As always I value your opinions. x



  1. I think the colour balance looks great!

  2. I LOVE love love it! It could be used on so many things I think. Brilliant!

  3. Like it a lot, good to see a new take on the ABC! X

  4. Thanks for all your lovely comments, so glad you like it!x

  5. Yes, the colors are great and very cute design!

  6. It's really great Rebecca ... love the colours ... Bee xx

  7. Love it! Great design and even if I'm not the pink sort, love the colors too!


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