Monday, 19 March 2012

littletree makes...a beaded door hanger

Hello again everyone! Did you all have good weekends? And for those of you that are mothers I hope you had a lovely and relaxing mothers day yesterday! Today I have a little crafty goodness to share that was a project from one of my new books Homemade Gifts Vintage Style by Sarah Moore, you can read more about the book here on my beautiful books post...

This crafty little gem came about after I had bought a bumper tin of buttons from a charity shop recently...I had remembered this project from the book so my friend and I had a great afternoon fishing through all the buttons and beads, old bits of jewellery etc to make these beautiful beaded door hangers!

They were super simple, just craft wire bent into a 'V' first, thread on your bits and bobs, about 2 inches from the top start to bend the wire round to make a heart shape, add a few more buttons etc then finish off by bending the wire to make a loop and tie on a piece of ribbon for hanging. And that's it! The hardest part was deciding what to put where and which buttons were the prettiest!

Have a go! You could make some lovely pastel coloured ones for Easter decorations or even tiny ones as an extra finishing touch on a present...if you do, send me a photo, I would love to see them! Have a great week everyone...x


  1. Really nice! I like it!

  2. Hi, I appreciate that this is a really late comment/question. I'll be very lucky to get an answer . . but on the off chance . . what gauge/type of wire did you use please? I'm new to crafting and I can't seem to fathom which wire can be bent (even with some effort), is thin enough to thread buttons through and yet sturdy enough to hold the shape? Mine just sinks into a long oval when the ribbon is applied!

    Your heart is beautiful - thank you for the inspiration x

    1. Hi Lea, thank you for your kind words! Unfortunatly I'm not sure if I'll be much help! The wire I used was some I had had lying around since university days so I'm not sure of gauge/type...I've had a look at the heart just now and the wire is around 1/2mm thick. The book I took the craft from says that garden wire would be fine. Hope this helps! I would love to see your heart when you finish it! x

    2. My goodness - I never expected a reply - thank you very much! I live in a small town with no craft shop and very little in the way of 'out of the norm' shopping. I have just ordered some from online (around 1/2 mm thick like you said) and hope that it will do the job.

      My heart is ok, if it isn't hung or touched. If you just wanted to lay it on a table and never have to move it then it would be a job well done haha as it just melts into nondescript shape when picked up! I also didn't have as many buttons as I'd like so while I'm waiting for the new wire, I'll order some buttons too. I will re thread and send you a picture.

      I love the idea of mini hearts! How cute!!

      Thank you again for taking the time to reply,

      Liane :)

      (I know my account says Lea Perrins - I was having a silly moment when set it up, not thinking about the fact that I'd actually have to USE it)

    3. Yeah it's been years since this was posted, but I was thinking if you put your hangers on the top of the heart, and attach in two places, you might have a better chance of getting it to hanging in a heart shape


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