Tuesday, 29 January 2013

littletree's little things...4 in 1!

photo taken by me (as you can see!)

In keeping with Jen's 52 Weeks of Happy here are this weeks four little things all in one picture!

*My new phone and FREE tablet! All super shiny and white...so pretty*

*Discovering my local magazine stall selling back issues of The Simple Things for a £1!*

*Baking some Barefoot Contessa cookies...they are to die for...*

*Finally getting to experiment with Instagram!*

 I haven't taken many photos yet but if you want to follow me then hop on over here...enjoy your day! x



  1. Ummm...what? I haven't had a chance to pop in recently so I'm sure I've missed something but a FREE tablet?! I need a new phone! I want a Samsung! Where can I get me one of those?! Not to mention back issues of The Simple Things for a quid! No wonder you're happy! Hope your week continues to be delightful...Rachel xx

    1. Sorry ignore all the stuff about the phone and tablet - obviously I have google so don't need you to answer those questions!! Just got very excited about the thought of a free tablet! Have a lovely day Rebecca. xx

  2. That cookie looks so good!! Just looked you up on Instagram and starting following you (my username is @joanneheckadon in case you wondered who it was! ha!). Look forward to seeing your photos (I'm obsessed with Instagram!) x

  3. Lovely happies ... the cookies look lovely ... and I am a little jealous of your tablet :) ... Bee xx


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