Tuesday, 27 November 2012

littletree's little things...

So for the four 'little things' that have been making me happy this week I have one big thing that hasn't...we still don't have a date for our move! It is dragging on FOREVER and Christmas is looming...never mind there is nothing we can do but wait, I think it's the helplessness that makes it worse! Anyway, enough moaning there are plenty more things to be happy about!

1// pic taken by me  2//  3// pic taken by me  4//

...one of the biggest happy moments of the past week was getting to see First Aid Kit LIVE and singing along of course...

...hot chocolate goodness, perfect for warming up on these wild and windy nights...

...still getting eggs from our little chickens even though the weather has turned and nothing beats a super fresh oozy cheese omelet for dinner...

...and finally I am eternally grateful to whoever invented thermals, you are my hero! I can't help it I'm a cold person and these things matter...

A bit of a funny old mix this week but then isn't that the point? All those odd little things that perk up our days and make life a little sweeter. Happy days to you all!x

PS - Check out how Jen is getting on with her 52 Weeks of Happy this week too!



  1. Oooh ... hot chocolate and thermals ... bliss ... Bee xx

  2. Cute chickens! We have 2 Bantams (Holly & Dolly) I think they are duffs as they havent laid yet, am giving up hoping now until the Spring, x

  3. Yum, that hot chocolate looks good! Hope your house move gets sorted soon. x

  4. Great happy things. I so need to get myself some thermals, it's deffinately thermal weather now! Hot chocolate looks good too. x


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