Tuesday, 2 October 2012

new etsy finds...Fresh Pastry Stand

Hive Cake Stand

So today I have the first of three posts dedicated to some new Etsy shop discoveries...first up is the delectable Fresh Pastry Stand which sells...yup you guessed it! Beautiful mis-matched vintage china cake stands.

I am a little in love with this shop, it combines two of my all time favourite things! Cake and vintage china...delicious...these are just a few of my favourites from the many beautiful vintage combinations but there are many more! Check out the shop here or if you're interested they are holding a SALE on fab.com from Oct 16-19th. I'll see you tomorrow for another new Etsy find!x

Swiss Chalet in Bloom Cake Stand
Snack Stand

All images from Fresh Pastry Stand



  1. Which one to choose - they are all so lovely.

    Nina x

  2. These cake stands are gorgeous! Love them all! x

  3. OOh they're lovely, I've been saving some mismatched plates for making my own cakestand but I couldn't find a kit that I liked, they're all a bit too shiny and fancy - I hadn't thought about painting them a contrast colour - genius! Ta for sharing. xx

    1. Thats what I liked about them too! Love the green one x


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