Friday, 28 September 2012

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Hello my blog friends...well I hope your week has been better than mine, everything is happening here and not necessarily in a good way. This is an emotionally heavy post so I am warning you in advance for the rambling...

Now you may not know but I still live at home, my meagre wage doesn't allow me to rent anywhere...but now my parents are finally separating, which is a good thing as they are miserable together! It means a lot of upheaval and hunting...which is driving my mum and I mad!!

So instead of spending my time working I'm scouring house sites and my brain has become packed with house prices and road names instead of pretty pattern ideas...I can't focus on anything, which frustrates me and then I beat myself up for not having done any work! I just want to move, get settled and then I feel like we can all move on...thanks for listening (or rather reading) friends. I have a few new Etsy shop discoveries to share with you next week so I do hope you will pop back. Have a lovely weekend xxx



  1. Don't beat yourself up about it! You will be settled soon and back to creating designs, enjoy your weekend xx

  2. Hello, that definitely sounds like a tough week. Sorry to hear about your parents... House hunting is so horrendous so I know exactly how you feel. It took us 3 long months to find a place (but we had the extra requirement of having to be in a school catchment area). Good luck! And don't worry, something will come along. Big hugs, Colleen x x

  3. Oh Rebecca, that sounds like a hard week. I know you'll find something, so just breathe and try to get through it. Much love and cyber hugs. Jen x

  4. poor you, sounds tough, I remember living at home after I left collage for a few years, i was doing my own work but never had enough to move out, eventually my stepdad helped me get on the property ladder, its tough but i sounds like your mum needs you right now so it is always good to appreciate your parents, not sure I did at the time, but looking back, wished I did more, sadly my mum is not around anymore to even thank. Good luck with your hunt.

  5. Hi hi Rebecca, it does sund like you are going through an emotional roller coaster at the moment. You will be settled soon, just think it will be a new start & a blank canvas for you to put your style on. It will get better just hang on in there, where I work we help people get mortgages so I see it on a daily basis the frustration of finding a house & being in a chain. Good luck x

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