Wednesday, 25 July 2012

littletree discovers...good ideas magazine

I actually bought this magazine whilst at the airport on my way to Spain last month, it's just taken me this long to photograph it to share with you! The magazine, called Good Ideas, is made by the same people that do Good Housekeeping so it does in fact have some very good ideas within it's pages!

I was drawn to it because of the beautifully styled images inside...dreamy interiors, amazing looking food, shopping, travel, life, beauty etc...all the usual stuff just laid out in simple, clean sections that were a joy to browse through! And if your a digital reader it has been specially designed to be easy to read on a tablet too! Pretty nifty huh?

I'm loving the neon orange paint in the top pic here, such a lovely room...

Great ideas for mix and match holiday packing...

And last but certainly not least, some gorgeous food! This is just a few of the beautiful food pages...

I hope you have enjoyed this little sneak peek, if you do see this magazine around I urge you to pick up a copy!
Don't worry it's a quarterly magazine so you still have time to purchase the summer edition before
the autumn one is out the end of August.x



  1. Looks like a great magazine. I love the wall colour in the 1st pic. Not sure if I'm brave enough to do that myself though! x

  2. I brought this before my holiday too and the styling and colours really drew me to it, shame to read it too quickly ...x

  3. Anonymous20/3/17 10:34

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