Friday, 8 June 2012

pinterest pick of the week...

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Hello all and hello Friday! First things first...a HUGE thank you to everyone for their lovely comments on my new Etsy products, so great to hear all your love, it has put a massive grin on my face for days! And I will of course let you all know when they are up on my virtual shelves!

Second things second...As many of you may or may not know I LOVE Hayao Miyazaki and many other Studio Ghibli films but one of my favourites has to be My Neighbor is the sweetest story ever...two little girls move to the countryside and discover a spirit that lives in an enormous tree, a rather big, furry, rain loving spirit called Totoro, with whom they have fantastic adventures. Plus there is another creature..a catbus, yup a cat the size of an actual bus, all furry and everything...who wouldn't want that to be real?! So when I saw this Totoro 'digital cut-out' by pronouncedyou I had to pin it so I could look at it all the time! Find it here on my pinterest board Prints, Patterns and more...

If you haven't seen this film I urge you to give it a watch...especially if you have little ones, they will love it!
Have a Totoro-ific weekend everyone!x


  1. Wonderful pic, i love it! x Aurélie

  2. Oh it's gorgeous! I've been to the Studio Ghibli museum in Tokyo, it's magical, if you ever get the chance I really recommend it. I've got so many Totoro pins, you might like my 'I love Japan' board! x

    1. Ooh thanks! I'm off to check it out now! I would love to visit Japan one day and the Ghibli Museum is top of the list!

  3. Hi Rebecca!
    Thanks so much for the comment. i have missed blogger so much. i have been long gone for so long, its been killing me.
    I hope your well, and great to see your etsy products up and about.
    Have a great weekend... woohoo friday and long weekend!
    Clare x


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