Thursday, 7 June 2012

*NEW ETSY PRODUCTS* retro kitchen...

Today the Retro Kitchen has returned...and in two colourways! I loved this design so much I decided to make not only a print but recipe cards and hopefully tea towels! I'm having the fabric printed through Spoonflower so if you want to buy a yard and sew-it-yourself then that will be available once I have had the test swatches through...otherwise I will be making the others myself and selling the finished product in my Etsy shop. I'm still tweaking, print testing and (like I said before) waiting for fabric swatches, but once they are ready you guys will be the first to know!  Hope you are excited as I am about all these new products, I would love to know whatt you think! x

All images and designs Copyright Littletree Designs


  1. These are Really gorgeous Rebecca. Recipe cards are a great idea. I love the orange colours print. xx

  2. This is a lovely range! You have been so industrious... I'll definitely have to do a blog post when your tea towels are in stock. x

  3. Oh that is a lovely range Rebecca. Really nice colours. btw I've made a little purchase from your Society 6 collection! x


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