Thursday, 22 March 2012

sunshine award answers and winners...

You are my Sunshine Print from DeliveredbyDanielle

So, earlier on today I received a sunshine award from Charmaine at the blog little nest box and before I can pass on my own awards I have a few questions to answer all about my little ol' self!

Colour - At the moment I'm all about the combination of mint and coral...

Animal - It has to be a cat, I love my little Nala bear, plus I not so secretly want the life of a cat!

Non-Alcoholic Drink - TEA! I am English after all!

Facebook or Twitter - Facebook

Getting or Giving Presents - Giving...I love finding the perfect present for someone, wrapping it up all pretty, I even get excited when they're opening it!

Flower - I love Daffodils, they are such happy flowers with little trumpet faces!

Pattern - Anything with a retro or vintage vibe...

Passion - Apart from design I love baking, which if you read here often you will have probably guessed that already! And although I'm now 26 fairycakes are still one of my favourite things to bake!

Number - 3, everything always looks better grouped in a three for some reason...

And without further ado here are my five bloggers who are getting a little sunshine their way!
If you want to take part, just answer the questions above and forward the sunshine award on to 5 more lovely bloggers!x


  1. congratulations on your little ray of sunshine, and thanks for visiting!


    a lovely mixed bag.

  2. aaah how lovely!
    Love the new header by the way x

  3. Thankyou for my award!! I love sunshine and I like awards, so what could be better?!

    Have a sunny weekend!

  4. Thank you- I was a bit slow to pick this up- so sorry! Thank lots Jo xx

  5. Congratulations to you and the new winners! :-) x

  6. Thanks so much :-) can't wait to pass this on to more lovely blogs!x


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