Thursday, 29 March 2012

littletree's blog crush...lotus events

A new post theme crush...I come across so many great blogs inbetween my monthly 'top 5' that I thought a seperate post was in need! I came across Lotus Events only recently but it's one of those blogs that you end up scroling through old posts for a good hour before you realise that time has passed! It is packed full of inspiration, good food, shopping, crafty-ness and thrifty finds...all the stuff I love! Go check it out, I hope you love it too...x

Image and Design owned by Lotus Events


  1. Hey Rebecca,
    Thanks for the comment! yes it is hard to choose 5... sometimes you could choose 500, but i always forget where i have been, as you go to one blog, then another, then another and find your tabs full of blogs! I really appreciated your award though, and your amazing support in general. you really are a great blogger, and i love popping over here for a look. when i ever over your way (uk correct?) im stopping by for a cuppa!
    Clare x

    1. You are so very welcome Clare and thanks for the super kind words, so nice to hear and of course you are more than welcome anytime for a cuppa if you ever pop to the uk!
      Rebecca xxx


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