Wednesday, 14 March 2012

littletree features...kitty o'brien

Hello again blog friends! I have something a little different for you I don't usually post much about fashion but I am making an exception for a friend...Today is all about my good friend Katrina's beautiful dress and pattern designs. I knew Katrina from a retail job whilst she was studying for her BA Hons in Fashion and Textile design and she has now set up her own business designing dresses and even her own fabric for the dress designs! She is mainly influenced by the 1930's style combining it with a modern twist yet still maintaining the key aspects of the era with draping, bias and open back details of many dress designs.

The 'Marigold' dress below was actually auctioned for a national charity fundraiser where the lucky bidder paid £1,500! Which I can totally understand as it is stunning with the twin waterfall fabric running the length of the back...

I also have some images of the patterns that Katrina plans on turning into fabric for her dresses, all of the patterns below are made using blown up images of feathers, manipulated and repeated in Photoshop to make these beautiful repeats...

All images copyright Kitty O'Brien

If you want to find out more then hop on over to Katrina's website, facebook, society6 or Etsy shop where you can order your very own custom dress!x

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