Wednesday, 29 February 2012

littletree visits...Ikea in Spring

Hello again, how's everyone doing? As you may have guessed by the title of today's post I visited Ikea last week and had to share some of the lovely pics I took when there. There seemed to be a couple of themes going on around the store so I have arranged my top picks into little moodboards for each theme.

First is 'Pretty Pastels' always a good start to spring, this very first image was taken from the window display and looked so stunning...the perfect tea party set-up! The new bedlinen along the same theme was also so pretty with pink checks and cushions with cottage florals on the front and stripey backs. I loved the little glass mugs decorated with pastel coloured florals and the perfect tea tray to go with them covered in teacups!

The next theme was in the more traditional Ikea style of 'Bright and Funky.' I have seen these brightly coloured Billy bookcases online but they were even better (and brighter!) in real life. Loving glass fronted shelving at the moment, showcases all of your lovely books and objects without them getting dusty! I hate dusting...there was also lots of new (to my eyes) fabrics and cushions all in great colours, fab for kids, or big kids like me! Also in the second pic down you can just see a set of crochet flowers, there are 5 in a set and come with yarn so you can string them up! So cute...

Now I bet you're asking what did I buy?! Well I was very good, only 2 small serving bowls and 1 large matching bowl...but they have a purpose! The small bowls were to go with this lovely plate I had recently bought at Villeroy and Boch in the bargain 75% off section. It's a large platter that is meant to have a bowl for dip on the side, it had no matching bowl but at £6 for the platter I knew good old Ikea would have something that would work! So the small bowls fit perfectly and the large bowl was extra...I couldn't was too pretty!

All pictures taken by littletree.
I hope you have enjoyed this little trip to Ikea with me! See you again soon. x


  1. I love those little cups! I really miss Ikea :-( There isn't one in SA and it's nearly impossible to find good looking stuff for affordable prices. Thank goodness for vintage :-)

  2. It's long time I don't go to Ikea after watching these nice pics I think it's time to go! :-)


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