Monday, 13 February 2012

littletree makes...a box of memories

Are you ready for some crafty goodness? Now I saw this idea in the December issue (9) of Mollie Makes before Xmas and mentally made a note to try and do it ready for the new year...well you may have noticed we are now in February so that didn't work out so well...but with all the snow hanging around last week it meant I finally got around to making it! Now I don't know about you but I'm terrible at remembering what I have actually done with my time so I thought this box of memories, or perpetual calender, would help me to jot down all the nice little things that go on throughout the weeks and months!

I saw this as a real opportunity to get crafty with all the bits and bobs I have collected over the years so I had postcards from design shows, scraps of paper, stickers, washi tape...all sorts! Which is why you can see my awful blue carpet in the desk just was not big enough and so the floor it was...I think in the original diy (from Design*Sponge) they used vintage postcards to make the monthly dividers, but use whatever you have to hand. I don't think I bought anything new apart from the record cards, everything else was stuff I had, or collected from around the house! Yey, even better!

I had such fun making this as it was a real change from my normal, draw-scan-retouch-colour on Photoshop work, so I may have gotten carried away a bit...anyway here's a sort of step by step of what I did...

1/ Collect all your cards/stickers/tags/tape/thread/buttons etc. Trim your cards/photos to a slightly larger size than your record cards. Mine were 3x5.

 2/ This pic just shows the various ideas I came up with...printed paint/pinked edges/cutout
sections/stickers and tags with the months on. I have also covered the back of these cards with brown paper or the insides of envelopes.

3/ I have these little letter blocks but unfortunately didn't have black ink! So black acrylic it was and it worked just fine. I used each side of the cards so one day each side.

4/ I also added in a 'birthdays' card to go at the front of each month as a reminder of upcoming celebrations! I used my pretty washi tape!

5/ Then organise into months and get writing!

6/ I'm hoping to find a box to store the cards in but for now it's good old twine!

Hope you have a go, even if you file the idea away for next year! Just don't forget about it until February like I did! Come back later in the week for another 'make' I'm not going to tell you when or what you'll just have to wait and see...have good weeks people!x

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  1. Wow, so much of inspiration from your posts - THANK YOU!


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