Monday, 9 January 2012

society 6 shop!

Wow one week gone already! Another Monday into the new was your first official full 2012 weekend? Now you may have noticed last week that another page icon had appeared at the top Well it is for my new Society6 shop! This all came around because I noticed a while ago that my post about the Tigerprint competition I entered for designing a Male Pattern was my second most viewed post! So I figured why not use them for something and I knew of various designers using Society6 so I checked it out...and here are the final products! The repeat patterns are ideal for the laptop and phone skins, not sure I would have them as a print but I love the iPhone covers, just need an iPhone now! So I started with just the two male patterns but then kept adding my favourites from my design stash and now I have loads! Here are a few faves from the shop, hope you like and please visit!x


  1. I love the tape cassette one! I would wear that t-shirt :)

  2. Congrats on the shop.. love the iphone cases and the laptop covers..wishing you many sales


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