Friday, 20 January 2012

my first year blog-iversary!

Yes that's right it has been one whole year today that I started my little blog! And what a year it has was hard in the beginning to get motivated but gradually I gained confidence and then people started commenting and following and it kept me going! Well...apart from might notice a slight gap in the pics below for that month! I can't really remember why now! Probably work and a there's a few birthdays to celebrate that month...Anyway after that short absence I was back and have been posting strong ever since! I have to say a big big thank you to all of you that have read, contacted me, commented and followed over the year, it has meant the world to me and it's so nice to feel that I have this little network of virtual friends out there! 

So to celebrate I have picked a few of my favourite and most popular posts to make a kind of visual diary of the year...I must admit I was really amazed at how many posts I have published in such a short space of time, the amount of work I have achieved, wonderful websites, shops and designers I have discovered...the talent that is out there always amazes me!

January - My first Design work post and Etsy shop discovery!
March - My first try at Inspirational poster designs and a cute Charity shop find!
April  - A crafty attempt at some Easter table nameplaces and  the wonderful Design Seeds Blog post.
June - Discovering the amazing Mollie Makes magazine! And lot's of new and old finds.
July - A very productive month! More Birthday card designs and the very popular Tigerprint Male pattern post! For some reason this has had hundreds of views over the year!
August - The first of many beautiful books posts, Pattern by Orla Kiely. Winning a fab Log Pile cushion from Roddy&Ginger! And visiting the Made It Market...busy month!
September - Ice Cream Treats prints and my first request for publicity from the lovely Mel of Mel Made This.
October - My favourite Pinterest Picks post, all about Tea! And another popular post about the beautiful illustrations by Brian Wildsmith in 'A Childs Garden of Verse'.
November - The fab Angie Lewin and Rob Ryan Exhibition I visited in Cambridge. And my very own Magnetic Advent Calendar design!
December - Throwing a party for my friends and selling my xmas cards! Winning the Leibster Blog award! And the lovely DIY wreath I made for my door...

Phew! It really has been a busy year! Hope you have enjoyed celebrating with me today and I look forward to another year of blogging so I hope you will join me! Rebecca xxx


  1. Happy blog birthday! Hope you have another fabulous year :-) x

  2. Happy Birthday Little Tree! It's amazing how a whole year passes so quickly. Lovely blog, and thanks again for the Liebster!


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