Thursday, 8 August 2013

flora and fauna...

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Hello lovely blog friends, I know I have been neglecting you again...I honestly just don't know where the week has gone! We've had a busy time at the house, new skirting being fitted, loft insulation, staircase consultations...and of course the never ending sanding and painting in the hall. But hopefully we will be getting a break in the works for the rest of the month before the major kitchen refit begins...

...the garden on the other hand is flourishing! We were determined to have a small space for growing more of our own fruit and veg in the new garden and we have not been disappointed so far...2 crops of beans already and plenty more on the way. We have so much rhubarb I have been researching chutney and jam recipes! And still to come later in the year will be the squashes in all shapes and sizes, and hopefully some sweet peppers. Plus possibly our own sunflower seeds...the plants are 6ft plus at least!

We are also really lucky to have an abundance of wildlife around us, a large family of sparrows live in the enormous honeysuckle bushes, which the bees also happen to love. The dog does not and is always snapping at them, shes been stung so many times but never learns! We have also adopted a young collared dove who is often perched on the fence. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading about our adventures in the garden today, I won't promise I will be back to regular blogging soon (as I can't seem to stick to it!) but I will pop in from time to time when I can! Hope you're all having a lovely summer...xx 


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