Saturday, 8 June 2013

Pinterest in the UK!

Happy Saturday to all my lovely blog readers and anyone new who has stopped by from Pin it as the title of this post may suggest I am indeed chatting all about the wonders of Pinterest which has just been launched in the UK! Many of you may have heard of it and weren't sure what all the fuss is about so I'm here to tell you a little about it...

Pinterest is basically one giant scrapbook where you can collect gorgeous images and ideas from around the internet and 'pin' them all in one place, to boards that you can create for whatever topic you choose! Then you can browse them again when you are looking for that new interior inspiration, something different for dinner or a craft project for the kids on a rainy day!

Now for me as a Surface Pattern Designer my 'Pattern...' board (and Pinterest in general!) is my go-to for inspiration on a daily basis. I love that Pinterest is so visual, I can see all my pretty pattern inspirations in one go, like an ever evolving giant moodboard! And if I ever need to know the designers name or the source from the where the image came then hey presto! Just click on the picture and it takes me right back to where I pinned it from.

I will admit now that I am a Pinterest addict! I find it so useful, not only for work inspiration but I also love to pin new recipes, gift ideas, interiors, craft projects and soooo much more! If you want to follow me then just click HERE or if I have persuaded you to join the Pinterest community then you can start pinning right now and sign up HERE!

Oops! And I almost forgot to introduce the next blogger in the Pin it Forward campaign, the lovely Laura of the blog Tiny Twisst. Her Blog and Pinterest boards are packed with gorgeous fashion and design, I am extremely envious of her (must be huge!?) wardrobe! Happy pinning everyone! x


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