Tuesday, 28 May 2013

bedroom before...

Hello blog friends! Can you believe it? We actually had a rather pleasant bank holiday weekend...although I was working most of it :( and now that I have today off it is of course raining! So I thought maybe today would be the perfect time to start redecorating my bedroom...I'm getting a little fed up of staring at the million rawlplug holes and nicotine stains, left by the previous owner I hasten to add! So it may be a little quiet on the blog this week...but some good news is that last week I finally finished my updated website! There is a little sneaky pic below put do pop by HERE to see more! Have a great week and please mr sunshine we would love for you to come visit again soon! x

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  1. Love the new website design - looks great! Hope the decorating is going well. xx


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