Thursday, 23 May 2013

beautiful books...Granny Chic

In Tuesdays post I did indeed promise a few pictures inside my new book purchase Granny Chic by Tiff Fussel (Dottie Angel) and Rachelle Blondel (Ted & Agnes). 

What can I say...this book is just lovely to browse through! It is styled so perfectly it has the feel of a scrapbook to it with all the mismatched papers, tape and ribbons used throughout. My favourite thing has to be the way that each crafty diy has a list of 'ingredients' and a 'recipe' to cute! 

Oh I could ramble on forever about the swoon-able interiors, vintage furniture, the fun quirky-ness of it the odd photo of Tiff's dog Olive who is so I will stop here and just say that it is one gorgeous book. x

All photos from Granny Chic



  1. I've just ordered this book from Amazon I couldn't resist it -thanks for sharing x

  2. It is a really lovely book ... so much inspiration ... Bee xx

  3. Ooh thanks for sharing! Looks like a lovely book x


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