Wednesday, 10 April 2013


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This is very much how I'm feeling about life right now! Apart from my burst of creativity last week I have done bugger all this year work-wise...I had all these grand plans to finally finish a website and be happy with it, finish pattern collections by adding co-ordinates, mock-ups etc... Add stuff to my Etsy shop which has now been empty for aaages, send my work to Print & Pattern, just generally get my life in order! But instead I'm faffing around and getting zero you ever have days when you work and work but get nothing done? x

ps-if you recognise this pic please let me know and I will credit it properly


  1. You sound like me, you have an excuse you moved house, not sure what mine is, puppy, family , life.....xx

    1. I know i do forget that we only moved 7 weeks ago...I think a puppy and family are plenty of good reasons for a little faffing!x

  2. Very, very often! But don't be hard on yourself! I think we all have ups and downs and moments when our brain just doesn't want to work. And it's alright too, we can't be perfect all the time ;^)

  3. To my dismay I have recently had to admit that I am an expert at faffing!!!
    It is such a lovely word :)

  4. So true, I feel the same. But it is good to know, I am not the only one

  5. Im so glad to hear see that I'm not the only faffer(?) out there!x


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