Monday, 4 March 2013


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As the picture says...HELLO! Yes I have returned from the depths of moving hell and we now have the internet so I can have a good ol' catch up on all of your wonderful blogs! A great way to relax after a day of cleaning, stripping wallpaper, more cleaning...painting...the list goes on. 

Thank you for all of your lovely comments, unfortunatly our moving day wasn't very succesful as the day before both my mum and I came down with horrific stomach bugs and were laid up in bed! So on the day we just had to slog though it which has sheer torture...luckily we had some super duper removals men who reall worked hard, we wouldn't have done it without them!

We have lot's to do at the new house so I will be busy busy but I hope to keep you all updated and post some piccies soon! Have a great week friends! x



  1. Oh not such a good moving experience - poor you and your Mum. Nice to have you back though! x

  2. Glad you just survived sounds scary, look forward to pictures sometime in the future. x

  3. Oh how woeful ... ill with so much to do ... at least you are both well and settled now ... Bee xx

  4. Oh no, that must have been horrible. Glad your all moved in now though, look forward to seeing some pics. xx


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