Tuesday, 11 December 2012

littletree makes...button baubles

Hello again friends, welcome to day two of my week of creativity! Today we are making Button Baubles...I pinned this image last year and (as with most things that I pin) never got around to making them, so this year I was determined! Plus I had acquired so many more buttons my poor button jar was overflowing! I made mine super colourful so they can hang all year round...but you could easily make them all white/pearl, red/green...whatever you Christmas colour scheme is.

What you will need...
  • Polystyrene Balls (mine are about 15mm)
  • LOTS of buttons!
  • Pins with covered ends, multi-coloured or pearl
  • Craft Glue (something that dries relatively quickly)
  • Ribbon

Let's make!
  • Cover a small section of the bauble with glue and start to stick on your buttons arranging them as close to each other as you can.
  • Keep adding more and more buttons in this way, gradually working your way around the ball. Don't forget to use a variety of sizes.
  • I found covering half and letting it dry before covering the rest made the process a little less messy and less likely for you to accidentally move the already glued buttons.
  • Once you have completely covered the balls and they are dry take the pins and some smaller buttons to cover any larger gaps. Try to dot them evenly around the ball.
  • Finally tie a loop of ribbon and using a pin secure to the bauble.
  • And there you have it!

If you wanted to you could decoupage the bauble with coloured paper first so you don't see the white of the polystyrene through the buttons...I was just lazy!

Photos taken by me

Pop back tomorrow for a Super Special Mincemeat Recipe...No raisins, currants or sultanas involved! x



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