Friday, 5 October 2012

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So here we are again, the end of another long week and unfortunately still no luck on the house front :( but I'm staying positive and hoping something comes up or maybe it just isn't meant to be right now and my mum and I will rent and look again in the new is a funny old thing!

Anyway to help keep my spirits up I have of course been drinking a lot of tea (I am so english, always have a cup of tea in a crisis!) and what could possibly make that age old ritual any better? Drinking it from this fabulous mug by Jilly Bird! You can find the Retro Coffee Pot mug in the shop here along with these other amazing retro inspired mugs below...have an amazing weekend friends x

All pictures from the Jilly Bird Folksy Shop



  1. What a lovely shop ... thanks for sharing the link ... hope all works out for you and your mum very soon ... sometimes things do happen for a reason ... maybe you will find your dream home in the new year ... think happy thoughts and drink lots of tea :) ... hugs, Bee xx


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