Friday, 17 August 2012

pinterest pick of the week...

Today's pinterest pick is all about giving some...

find pin HERE on my board Words and more...

Yup, I am sharing some serious love this week. Love to everyone that has supported me and my long slow process to becoming a surface pattern designer, friends, family and of course all of my fab followers here on the blog! 

I may be a bit premature in my celebration as I am not yet a paid designer but having my work featured on the world renown Print and Pattern blog is a huge step in the right direction...thank you again for all your kind words and lovely comments over the past 18 months, it has really kept me going.

Have a wonderful weekend friends! x

(Couldn't find the source for this image, if you do please let me know!)



  1. Love! I really mean it, love is always beautiful. This feels like you designed this just for me.

  2. This print is really lovely ... Bee x

  3. Ah, feeling the love! This design is great, I saw it on Pinterest too, I wish it had a credit. Very impressed and inspired by your design journey Rebecca, well done for all your hard work, it's definitely starting to pay off - Print and Pattern no less! xx

  4. Ooh congrats on your print and pattern feature, well done!
    Hope the course is going well for you, it seems to be from your lovely posts :-)
    Keep up the good work x

  5. Congratulations! Loving that print too, beautiful colours x


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