Tuesday, 10 July 2012

littletree discovers...graze

Have you heard of Graze? They are a great little company that will deliver healthy snacks once a week to your home or office for you to 'graze' on when you're peckish! We signed up here a few weeks ago and I'm loving it...there is over 100 sweet and savoury snacks, nuts, crackers and fruit. I particularly like the flapjacks, ideal with a cuppa to sort that 4o'clock sugar slump!

They cost £3.89 a box (inc. delivery) and you can set up when and how often you want them delivered to suit you...plus if you recommend someone they get a free box and you get money off of yours! Sound to good to be true? Hop on over to Graze to learn more and browse their snacks, I guarantee your tummy will be rumbling in no time!x

ps - how cute is the little illustrated leaflet?!
and the Chocolate Orange Granola was awesome...


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  1. That's a great idea! I love the packaging too. Happy snacking! x


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