Wednesday, 20 June 2012

new laugh love

image copyright littletree designs

So today is the first of my little preview of the new designs I have been working on I said yesterday I have only been working in black and white at the moment so any ideas you have about colour I would be glad to hear! I really hope you like the new stuff and I look forward to your comments when I get back next Wednesday x



  1. Hi, hope you're having a fab holiday so far! It's sunny here but freeeezing! Your new print is lovely - I quite like it in one colour! (Although I'm trying to work up a design in only 1 or 2 colours now and it is so hard not to go crazy and add loads of colours!) x

  2. Happy Holiday. big fat 10 for this design.

  3. i love this as it is think it is really striking

  4. lovely, I like it in black and white! x

  5. Its great, i love the little scalloped edge. I like it in black and white too. xx


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