Wednesday, 4 July 2012

holiday snaps...flora and fauna

Another holiday snaps post today...are you bored yet?! I hope not...anyway today is (as I'm sure you can guess!) all about the animals and plants I spotted out and about. There weren't many flowers as it was too hot, but lot's of interesting seedheads and cacti. Mind you there were a few tough little plants, I'm amazed that these wispy pink flowers (top right) hadn't shrivelled in the heat! They were so vibrant this picture doesn't do them justice!

image HERE

Another fascinating plant we saw all over the mountains were these seedpod trees that sprout out of the Agave Cactus. I never managed to get a shot as we were often in the car and it would have been a tad dangerous to get out on the windy little roads to take a picture!

These little guys and girls above were our neighbours! Yup we were next to a goat farm and every evening once it got cool they were all trotted out for a walk around the hills to feed on the scrubland. This is them galloping down the hill past the house back to the farm for bed...

...our other resident was this guy, Leroy the cockerel. Yes he is in a tree...he would roost there at night to escape the foxes, pretty clever little guy! Although he wasn't too good at telling the time and so we sometimes had a rude 3 in the morning! Nevermind...


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  1. Great pictures, it looks like such an amazing place. Love how Leroy escapes the foxes in a tree, so clever! xx


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