Thursday, 17 May 2012

we have chickens!!!

pics by me!

Hello all, yes that is right we do now have a happy little brood of chickens! Or choockens as I have taken to calling them...They are all such characters but my favourite is the one that has become known as Abigail (top right) she is so cheeky! And whenever you wander up to the coop she always comes out to greet you. The boss of the group is Aggy (bottom right), here she is stuffing her beak with broccoli and narrowly missing my fingers! The other two you can see are called Alice (she's a bit vicious to the others!) and Annie, who unfortunately is the most henpecked of the group...I'm sure she will come out of her shell soon...oh dear, apologies for that terrible pun!

My mum has wanted chickens for years and finally decided that this was the year to take the plunge! It was her birthday recently so it's a kind of present to herself, but I also got her this beautiful Jane Ormes gocco print (below) to commemorate the occasion. He (not sure if he is a 'he') has become known as Arthur and is the 'rooster' of our little flock! If you haven't come across Jane's work before I highly recommend popping by her etsy shop!

I am sure I will post a few more chicken antics as the summer progresses and they are allowed to wander the garden more, so please bear with me! But you have to agree...they are pretty darn cute! x

'cluckadoodle doo!' by Jane Ormes


  1. They look like fine hens..... also love Jane's work it will look fab in a frame.

  2. Your hens are lovely and they've got great names too! x

  3. they look lovely - will be great inspiration for some sketches too. My boyfriend wants some chickens, i've never been keen but yours look nice and friendly


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