Monday, 14 May 2012

littletree loves...ikea PS 2012

screenshot taken HERE

Welcome back Monday...another week comes around again! Did you all have good weekends friends? Well incase your's was as wet and grey as mine then do not fret, the new bright and shiny Ikea PS 2012 range is to the rescue! Packed full of colour and great new designs, most of which I just have to, right now...not that I have any more room of course!

This stunning bookcase/multi-frame cabinet (1) you could use to store lot's of pretty things in and they would be instantly framed to perfection, or line the glass inside with fabric/paper and hide away the things you don't want to see! Also how handy would the multi-drawer sideboard (4) be? Excellent in the hallway for all those bits and bobs...oh, and that rug! (2) Anyway enough about my favourites, what's catching your eye?x

1//  2//  3//  4//  5//  6//  7// 

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  1. such great interiors! i love ikea.


    a lovely mixed bag.


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