Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Bouquet by Geninne

Hello my lovelies! How are we today? I realised whilst looking back through some old posts that I hadn't done an 'Etsy' post in aaaages! Which, considering all the great shops and items I 'favourite' on a daily basis, is a mystery as to why I haven't shared any with you...so today I am highlighting the beautiful work of Geninne.

Five Sparrows by Geninne

I came across Geninne's Etsy shop when looking for a birthday present for my mum and instantly fell in love with her pretty watercolour birds. The detail and colour of each painting is just stunning and the birds have a real cheeky character about them. My favourites are from the collection below, simply named Birds (1-25) but there are plenty of other stunning pictures available...Geninne also has a beautiful blog and if you are quick you can still download the May desktop wallpaper and enjoy her work everyday, well until June...I love seeing it when I fire up my laptop! Have a good day blog peeps and I promise to share more Etsy gems soon...x

Clockwise from top left, Bird No.29, Bird No.27, Bird No.7, Bird No.17  all by Geninne.
Image copyright Geninne. Please do not reproduce/reblog/pin without permission. Thanks x


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