Tuesday, 8 May 2012

e-course update...weeks 1-2

Hello everyone, did you have a good weekend/bank holiday? I had to work a fair bit but still got to visit my sister in her new flat! How exciting!

So here it is, my very first e-course update for you! (Find out more here...) I thought I would put together a (very rough) step by step of how things have developed over the two weeks so far. Above are pictures from an exercise where we had to pick one shape, I chose circles, and photograph things in and around our home that reflected that.

From one image (the succulent above) we started sketching and experimenting with different forms of mark making and drawing, so you can see below the initial sketch and then the silhouette version.

These two images at the bottom are from the original sketch. I just scanned it in and re-printed it so I could include some of the different mark making/doodles into the leaves for texture and interest.

This next part in the exercise was to make a simple repeating pattern but as you can see I got a little carried away with the second one...

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So there we are! A sneaky peek into the development of a pattern, well in my brain at least!  I'm really enjoying the course so far, getting back to basics, having fun with paint and ink again...if you want to keep up to date regularly with how I am doing on the course I now have a flikr page with all e-course goings on...

Hope you all have a great week and fingers crossed that it doesn't rain too much! Please?! I'm fed up with getting soaked now...x


  1. These are beautiful Rebecca - I wish I could spend more time on this. I was also going to draw some succulents from my garden as they have such interesting graphic shapes.

  2. Wow, looks fab! I love the 3rd drawing (with the stripes). Looking forward to seeing more! x

  3. These look great, I love that last pattern - so clever. Xx

  4. They look awesome! It's always interesting to take a peek into another designer's work process :) Love the color combinations too! x.

  5. This is so lovely Rebecca, thanks again for sharing the process :)
    I love the last design, we clearly see which sketch is in the composition and it is looking great all together !


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