Wednesday, 23 May 2012

e-course update...almost the end of module 1!

 Can you believe it? At the end of this week I will have finished module one of my e-course, the art and business of surface pattern really has flown by so quickly but I cannot wait for modules two and three to start getting stuck into more detailed pattern designing and business related projects! So today I thought I would share a few snapshots of e-course goings on from the last few weeks...x

Above three shots from a trip to Ikea, lot's of pattern and colour inspiration...

Putting together a colour palette and accent colour from objects around the house...

 Three 'Pattern Love' boards, trying to help me decide what patterns I'm naturally drawn to 
and therefore shape my personal 'style'...
I think I figured out that I love graphic shapes but crave texture and detail to add interest.
As for colour...I love it all!

 Working on developing patterns and co-ordinates to present to a 'buyer'...
 This collection is my favourite, I'm really happy with the colours and mixture of 
graphic shapes and textured linear work.

Hope you have enjoyed this little round-up and will continue to follow me into module 2 next week! 
Have a good Wednesday all! x

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  1. Your course looks great Rebecca. I'm enjoying all your updates on it! x

  2. Wow this all looks amazing Rebecca. I love your 'patten love' boards and that last collection of patterns is just gorgeous - well done. I'm looking forward to seeing more from your next modules. Xx

  3. these look great, Rebecca!

  4. You are a natural designer your mood boards & colour collections are lovely.

  5. Such lovely comments, thanks everyone xxx

  6. thanks for keeping us posted, looks like such a fun course. always great to get a first hand perspective. i've keeping this one in ind for the autumn. x

  7. It really looks like you have been working hard. Sometimes it is easy to miss things posted in the Flickr Group, there are more than 3000 shots to look through.
    Yes I feel sad too that this is our last week on the course, I have enjoyed it so much. Will be "seeing" you on modules 2 and 3! Dawn


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