Friday, 6 April 2012

pinterest pick of the week...

A Happy Good Friday to all! As you may have already guessed this weeks pinterest picks are going to be Easter themed...Easter seems to have gone mad in the UK this year! Especially the crafty side of things which I think is great as I always remember decorating eggs and making chocolate nests during the easter break as a todays picks are from the board 'easter' by Sue Craft, there are some lovely ideas here so it took a while to pick just these few! Hop on over using the links above for more Easter goodness...x

How cute are the dancing chicks?! Love them...As usual find the sources through the links above.
If you have a little extra time for something crafty over the holidays then this super simple sock bunny DIY
below may be ideal for a rainy day...have a lovely Easter weekend everyone
I will see you back here after the hol's...don't scoff too much chocolate! xxx

direct link to the DIY - HERE


  1. Oh, they're soooo cute! I love the door crown and the dancing chicks, hehe!
    X Aurélie

  2. The paper carrots are so cute. I must remember to make those next year with The Toddler... x


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