Thursday, 26 April 2012

littletree at society 6

Now I think I may have been living under a rock somewhere because when did society6 start doing cards? And I have an account! Hmm...this had indeed passed me by because it's such a good idea and not a bad price either! I can't say all of the designs I have uploaded for other products necessarily work as a card but I have rounded up a few that I think are card friendly. As an extra incentive society6 are offering FREE shipping worldwide until Sunday! I would love you to pop by and have a look even if you just click the 'promote' button on a few! Ta very much! x

All images copyright Littletree Designs via society6


  1. Those designs look fab as cards! x

  2. they look lovely as cards! I like society 6, I did start looking through the iphone designs but couldn't quite cope with all of the choice! x

  3. hellooo, i know, i think it's only in the last 3-4 weeks coz i only just noticed too. i wish we could have the choice, i think we need more choice on society 6 overall, i still wouldn't choose to put "i'm a polaroid girl" on a burly man's t'shirt!

    your cards are lovely, i'll do some promoting for you! x


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